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An electronic cigarette, aka "vape," is a battery powered device with a tank holding e-liquid, aka "vape juice," that when heated, produces an inhaled “puff” of vapor, resembling the experience of smoking, but without thousands of chemicals and combustion that occurs when smoking traditional cigarettes. The Vapor from an e-cigarette is a result of atomizing a mixture of Propelyne Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, natural and artificial flavoring, and nicotine (optional) which satisfies your nicotine craving, while providing a “throat hit” similar to smoking. The exhaled vapor is nearly 100% water, which dissipates in seconds, leaving only a faint scent behind.


The two major differences between electronic cigarettes and traditional tobacco are (1) the amount of ingredients, and (2) the heat/combustion factor.  Tobacco cigarettes are manufactured using anywhere between 4,000 - 6,000 chemicals, many of them harmful and carcinogenic, with tobacco exposed to pesticides and additives - including 2% that tobacco companies are not legally required to divulge to the consumer. Vaping e-Liquids, in contrast, are comprised of only 2 ingredients (PG and VG) along with optional USP grade 99.9% pure, extracted nicotine, and food grade flavorings.  And the combustion caused by the extreme temperatures of a burning cigarette creates carcinogens (as does burning food, for example) whereas Electronic Cigarettes do not need nearly as much heat to create the steam-like vapor they produce.  The exhaled vapor is nearly 100% water, which dissipates in seconds, leaving only a faint scent behind.


*Legally, we are not permitted to make health claims regarding the use of Electronic Cigarettes versus tobacco-based traditional cigarettes, however increasing studies have shown that, used correctly, vaping is a much better alternative to tobacco.  Please ask your doctor for medical advice on using electronic cigarettes!

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