The Vapor Edge:  CBD Menu and Guide



CBD Benefits: 

CBD - one of the cannabinoids found in the Cannabis plant - has been shown to provide many benefits, such as:  pain relief, promoting sound sleep, reducing anxiety and/or depression, ease symptoms of cancer treatment, may reduce acne, and has even been used to help with neurological disorders (seizures), and may also benefit heart health! 

3 Variations of CBD: 

There are several components to the hemp plant, and in large part, they work synergistically to provide the most profound effects.  However, the CBD itself is responsible for the primary medicinal benefits.  The production costs are quite different for each of these consumption methods, so it’s VERY IMPORTANT to understand this when shopping for CBD products! 

  • Isolate: This is ONLY the CBD part of the plant, and the least expensive form of CBD products. NO THC.

  • Broad Spectrum: Contains CBD plus most other parts of the plant including phytocannabinoids CBN, CBC, CBG, and terpenes. NO THC.

  • Full Spectrum: All of the plant is included, however the amount of THC is extremely low, and completely legal in all 50 states (<.3 % THC)


*Broad and Full Spectrums are significantly more expensive than isolate, but provide the most beneficial, full-bodied results.

Options for taking CBD:

Edibles: A simple, cost-effective, often sweet and tasty way to ingest CBD, however some is lost due to lack of digestion, and most often is CBD isolate.

Tincture: One of the most effective absorption methods, sublingual - under the tongue for 30 seconds – however some people find it somewhat bitter tasting.

Vaping/Smoking: Possibly the best absorption method, using a vape cartridge, refillable tank (see staff for our device options) or smoking the flower directly.

Other: We also carry topical CBD products such as freeze and anti-inflammatory creams, bath bombs, coffee, and CBD for pets!


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Our CBD Products



Froggies: Available in 50mg singles ($6.99) or 4-pack 200mg total CBD ($24.99) multiple flavors.

Green Roads Fruit Bites 30 Count Bottle: Highest quality CBD isolate in tasty gummies 300mg ($36.99)

cbdMD Gummies 30 Count Bottle: Organic CBD isolate in sweet candies 300mg ($34.99) and Mingo Red 100mg 10-pack ($11.99)

cbdMD Capsules 30 Count Bottle: Premium Organic Broad-Spectrum extract in vegetarian gel capsules 1000mg total/33.3mg per capsule ($74.99)

Honey Stix: Regular or Chocolate, Organic 15mg sold individually ($3.49) or pack of 7 100mg total ($19.99)

Coffee: Smooth bodied from Caldas, Columbia 500mg CBD 1 .lb bag ($54.99) or try a cup 17mg ($4.99)


cbdMD Natural Formula 30ml Bottle: Broad Spectrum 100% organic and very mild flavor in 300mg ($35.99) 750mg ($64.99) 1500mg ($104.99) 3000mg ($153.99) and 5000mg ($199.99) CBD PM Oil, Mint flavor with Melatonin 500mg ($46.99)

Green Roads Signature Formula 15ml Bottle: Broad Spectrum CO2 extraction, rich in hemp and lightly sweet in 350mg ($54.99) 550mg ($69.99) and 30ml Bottle 1500mg ($174.99)

Green Roads “Daily Dose” Single Dose Syringe: These are meant to “sample” the exact same GR Formula above for a much lower investment in 23mg ($6.99) 33mg ($9.49) and 50mg ($10.99)

Green Roads Terpene Blends: 300mg CBD with additional benefits of Terpene blends added  (see our chart in shop for details) and comes in Tange OG, Pineapple Express, Blueberry OG, and Strawberry AK ($59.99)

Vermont Hemp Health 30ml Bottle: Available in 4 options for specific terpene preferences, high quality made from bud only, no stalks or stems 550mg ($69.99)

Remedy: Life Blood, Sleep CBN, and Calm. Full spectrum Tinctures in 1000mg to 2000mg

Vape and Flower

Naked Original CBD Vape e-Liquid 30ml Bottle: Highest quality CBD isolate 600mg ($34.99) or 1200mg ($42.99) available in Really Berry, Hawaiian Pog, Lava Flow, or Amazing Mango.

Vape Enhancer 4ml Bottle: Organic Broad-Spectrum CBD with essential oils and amino acids.  Use as an additive to your own vape eLiquid 200mg total CBD ($19.99)

Green Roads Vape Cartridges 1ml: High quality CBD plus terpenes in either Blueberry or Strawberry Lemonade and available in 250mg formula ($32.99) or 500mg ($56.99)

Eclipse Uplift 3.5 gram bag (1/8th) CBD Flower: Available in strains such as Frosted Lime, Silver Haze, and Siskiyou Gold, award-winning, and amazing!  ($34.99)

Vermont Hemp Health CBD Bulk Flower “Hawaiian Haze” (award-winning CBD strain!): Available in any weight from 1/8th to an Ounce or more, starting at $26.99.

Remedy Cartridges: Zen 90/10 CBD Delta8, Pure Delta8 THC, Full Spectrum, Balance 50/50 Delta8 and CBD, Sleep, and Calm.


CBDfx Hemp Cream 1.7 .oz Tube: 150mg CBD with menthol, caffeine, and willow bark extract ($39.99)

cbdMD Freeze Pain Relief 3 .oz Roller: Organic Broad-Spectrum extract with essential oils and amino acids.  Available in 300mg ($34.99) 750mg ($69.99) and 1500mg ($109)

cbdMD Recover:  Inflammation Formula:  Organic Broad-Spectrum enhanced with B6, Arnica, and MSM. 2 .oz tub 300mg ($34.99) and 4 .oz 750mg ($76.99)

Bath Bombs: Soak in essential oils and 100mg Broad-Spectrum CBD ($11.99)

cbdMD Lip Balm in variety of flavors: 50mg stick ($7.49)

Remedy: Soothing butter, HEMP sore muscle rub 200mg, and HEMP pain balm in 300mg

CBD for Pets

Dog Treats 30 Count Bag: Made only with natural ingredients and premium CBD isolate 300mg ($34.99)

cbdMD PAW Dog and Cat treats, variety of flavors: 30-count bags in 150mg ($24.99) 300mg ($33.99) and 600mg ($58.99)

Dog Tincture 30ml Bottle: Peanut Butter Flavored, Organic Broad-Spectrum with essential oils and terpenes, available in 300mg ($34.99) and 750mg ($69.99)

Cat Tincture 30ml Bottle: Catnip Flavored, Organic Broad-Spectrum with essential oils and terpenes, available in 300mg ($34.99)

*** Feel free to ask to see Lab Reports for our CBD products.  It is very important to confirm what you are paying for when it comes to CBD.  We have done our research, but we encourage you to do yours as well!